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Brenda Bailey


Brenda B Bailey


Coach Donor

Coaching Philosophy

Women get caught up in the “Doing More”, to “Make More”.

It works, but at what expense ... your health, well being, relationships?

It doesn’t have to be like that!! In fact, when your energy can be changed &redirected ... You can do WAY less and make WAY more!

You are so close to Upleveling, without adding anything else to your plate.

I can relieve you of your burden, reframe your business, and allow your business to expand without it being at the expense of YOU!

I can help You, but even better ... You will make more money within weeks of working with me.

Help Entrepreneurs Flip on the CEO Brain Switch!!

I use a Proprietary Protocol that creates Rapid Results.

As a 30 year Entrepreneur of 6 & 7 figure businesses, I have figured a few things out and I would love to support You in having greater success without a painful or expensive learning curve!

Who Can Benefit Most

Are you suffering from Upleveling Problems???

Is this You?

  • You are Focusing your Energy on Strategy & Tasks, not Mindset.

  • You are Working 12 hours days because you ‘love what you do’ (and also because you have anxiety if you don’t).

  • You are Constantly building your audience, Facebook group, list, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • You are Having anxiety about not hitting your numbers.

  • You are Feeling like a bad wife/partner or a bad mom because you aren’t able to fully be present with your family.

  • You are Waking up every morning and checking your email and payment account.

  • You are Spending hours on social media and posting in groups to get more leads.

  • You are Constantly turning out more and more content (because it’s never enough).

When you are in the bottle, you can’t see the label!

And here’s a secret: You don’t have to do more to make more money!!

In fact, once we work together … You will DO less, BE more, and Increase Your Revenue.

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