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              Contact your Managing Director or with any questions.

              Julie Anderson

              Premier Success Coach

              Helping women maximize their NATURAL brain gifts with the power of neuroscience so they can build a dynamic business around that power. ....

              Brenda Bailey

              Premier Success Coach

              REVENUE ACCELERATOR Coach

              Hally Brooke

              Premier Success Coach

              Your Health to Wealth Coach

              Betsy Clark

              Premier Success Coach

              Transformation Coach

              Amity Cooper, M.A.

              Premier Success Coach

              In-Service, Small Business Brand Strategist, Trained Mental Health Entrepreneur, and Certified Lifebook Facilitator ....

              Marcia Donaldson, MBA

              Premier Success Coach

              Profit First/Cashflow Coach - Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine ....

              Charlene Ignacio

              Premier Success Coach

              Coach the Coach Academy - Elevating Your Business Through Leadership, Strategy, and Marketing Develpoment ....

              Ruth Kent

              Premier Success Coach

              Your Abundance Accelerator-Unleash personal and professional potential to live Abundantly NOW.

              Shar Langin

              Premier Success Coach

              People, Processes & Profit | Helping Small Business Owners Scale their Online Business by Hiring the Right People and Implementing the Right Processes ....

              Brenda Lee

              Premier Success Coach

              Executive Coach Specializing in Team Leadership Development and Divorce Recovery

              Donna McPherson

              Premier Success Coach

              Business Financial Strategist - CPA & Growth strategist for profitable and sustainable operations

              Julie Miller Davis

              Premier Success Coach

              Calendar Control, Goal Management, Task Discipline

              Lynne Roe

              Premier Success Coach

              Business Growth Specialist and Strategic Planning for Successful Expansion

              Susan Salter

              Premier Success Coach

              Certified Success and Style Coach

              Dr. Kelly Schuh

              Premier Success Coach

              Women's Worth Alchemist, Wealth Strategist, High Ticket Sales Coach

              Stephanie Shivar

              Premier Success Coach

              Executive Coach and Scalability Expert

              Susan Trumpler

              Premier Success Coach

              Sales Communication Coach and Business Growth Strategist

              Janette VanLeer

              Premier Success Coach

              Success Alignment Coach - Uncovering Your Gifts and Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

              What is Coaching?

              Coaching is a jointly designed partnership that supports you and forwards your actions toward the achievement of your goals and visions in your business, career, or personal life. Success means different things to each of us and this partnership allows you to reach greater personal and business success. Powerful coaching principles and tools are used to empower you and to restore a dynamic state of balance in the key areas of the your life.

              Throughout the coaching relationship, the coach will engage in direct and powerful questioning, and may, on occasion, be directive. You can count on the coach to ask honest and straightforward questions designed to open new thought processes, to make inquiries that offer inner discovery, and to make requests that lead to action and achievement.

              Coaching is therefore not advice, therapy, or counseling. Coaching is done over the telephone, usually 30-minute calls once a week. "Tele-Coaching" eliminates travel time and offers the ability to be anywhere in the world during a coaching session.

              As a member of eWomenNetwork our focus is on helping you to make the choices that will lead you to your goals. Our select group of success coaches will enable you to go farther and faster than you could alone. Your coach will listen to what you want to achieve and will work with you to establish a plan of action based on your goals and objectives. Your coach is an expert at helping you come up with solutions and helping you focus on the issues that deliver the greatest rewards for you.

              Through coaching you will:

              • Unlock the door to your dreams.

              • Identify your passions and claim your vision.

              • Translate your dreams and ideas into achievable goals.

              • Gain clarity about your values, priorities, and choices.

              • Take action in alignment with your goals and dreams.

              • Stop negative self-talk and procrastination.

              • Live your life congruent with your heart's desires.

              • Change old beliefs and patterns that keep you from attaining your goals.

              • Design structures and systems to support you on your journey.

              • Maintain consistent focus to create the success you desire.

              • Choose your life in a whole new way.

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