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It was just less than two years ago when our whole world changed.  No matter how different we think we are from the people we meet, the events that began in early 2020 intrinsically connect us all as the global pandemic has become a cultural touchstone and forever changed who we are as people and how we do business.   

As we all shake off the debris of these tumultuous times, let’s take a look at what we can expect as we march forward into 2022.  

The Gig Economy. For years employees worked long hours with a growth in income far below that of the 20th century. When the pandemic hit, businesses had varied reactions as to what to do with their employees, which left a good portion of the workforce feeling jaded and revaluating their career choices. Enter the great resignation.  The Gig Economy was already on the uptick, but the pandemic really put a spotlight on the benefits of this kind of work.  Meaning the economy has opened a window for companies that offer gig work opportunities, management, and support.

Going digital is no longer optional, it’s a necessity. Millennials and Gen Z combined make up over half the US population.  And while Millennials in particular have less wealth than their parents, they are still an economic powerhouse for buying and influence. Both generations are digital natives, companies without websites, apps, and other ways to digitally conduct business will be left behind and in some cases be seen as illegitimate or less trust-worthy to Millennial and Gen Z buyers. 

The future of events will be hybrid. While the explosion of online events initially came out of necessity, it offered an alternate experience for those who never engaged in live events.  Devotees of in-person events will return to their preferred event method, while those who enjoyed the convenience of online events will expect those opportunities to continue in some form, so it’s important not to abandon online events entirely as the world continues to take steps towards reopening. 

Video marketing will continue to grow in popularity. Short form content will remain king.  When it comes to marketing (both social media and in general), if you haven’t already hopped on the video train, now is the time.  This doesn’t mean you have to run our and join TikTok, but it does mean you need to look at your current strategy and evolve accordingly.  If you use social media, video content needs to be front, center, and plentiful.

Engaging in Non-Profits. This isn’t just about expressing support, it’s about putting your money where your mouth is: product placement, corporate sponsorships, percentage of sales donations. Gen Z is beginning to enter the workforce which means they have money to spend.  Multiple studies show that those who belong to Generation Z feel they will be the ones to make the world a better place, and are more likely to support businesses with an altruistic mission.

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