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Amidst what is currently going on with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and COVID-19 pandemic being in effect, it is easy to slip into a negative mindset. Many may find themselves viewing the world from a dark perspective or being at fault for blaming themselves for what is happening. 

We’re harnessing the power of optimism in innovative ways because taking ownership over the little things matters now more than ever. Practicing these positive actions can help you feel better -- and thus will spread to your community. 

Disclosure: Before moving forward with this blog we want to stress how important it is to stand up for Equal Rights. In fact, our 8th Company Value stands behind inclusion and showcases our commitment to “being an inclusive network that cultivates diversity in a community environment where one can truly belong.” We stand behind our values and hold them near and dear to our hearts. We hope for a day when everyone in the world shares this value with us. 

Express Gratitude

Writing down or verbally speaking things that you’re grateful for can create a positive neurological loop that encourages yourself to keep it up. This could be as simple as writing a positive message on a sticky note to hang from your computer or giving someone a shoutout via social media. Gratitude helps you focus on the positive, so take a minute to think about the upsides of spending more time at home due to the pandemic or sharing a Black-owned business with your followers.

Challenge: Reach out and thank someone who has helped you in the past. Practicing gratitude can make you more resilient. 

Strengthen Your Sense of Community

Feeling supported through tough times is key to a healthy mindset. When we feel loved, accepted, and heard, we take in the positive vibrations and want to give back. It’s a never-ending cycle of optimism. This can be done by scheduling a virtual happy hour with your team to cope with quarantine or celebrating someone else on social media that you may not have otherwise. Remember, we are all experiencing these times together, so staying connected with others and letting them know you support them can be very beneficial.

Challenge: Leave an uplifting message on your social media pages. Sharing support is just as important as receiving it.

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Practice Generosity

Generosity is priceless, whether it be giving back your time, money, or attention. You can make use of your time at home by cleaning out your closet and donating clothes you don’t wear or volunteering to help at the polls this election season. Doing so will increase your sense of purpose and positivity because your actions are doing good for others. 

Challenge: The next time you go through a drive-thru, pay for the person behind you. If you choose to eat out instead, leave an extra-generous tip. Your acts of kindness will go a long way.

Challenge Your Perspective

More often than not, we are unable to catch ourselves in the middle of a negative thought. Instead of simmering in these types of thoughts, make an effort to be more aware of what it is that you are thinking about. Taking time to reflect and unwind can help you turn your intentions into real-life action. If it’s something you can change, then make a plan of action. If it isn’t, then do not waste your energy. 

Challenge: The next time you feel yourself thinking negatively, make a list of things you admire about your life. This will force you to gain a new perspective and get back on track to a positive mindset.

Stay Organized

Physical and mental clutter can cause major stress - sometimes without even realizing it. Taking the time to tidy up your workspace or home can help you regain a sense of control. Instead of being bummed that you have to be at home, take that as an opportunity to clean since you probably wouldn’t have had the time to otherwise. Decluttering your social feeds can also free up mental space to focus on the good parts of your life. Consider unfollowing social accounts that don’t bring you joy.

Challenge: Take 15 minutes to collect your thoughts before bed. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, you should reflect and process at night so you can wake up with positivity and a plan.

Journal Your Thoughts

This can seem very simple and may go over your head at times, but it’s very effective for a positive mindset. One, you won’t feel negative about forgetting that really important memo you wanted to share. Two, it alleviates stress knowing you have it documented. And three, it’s like a diary where you can vent and express yourself. Journaling also helps control your negative thoughts and improves your mood by prioritizing problems, fear, and concerns. Tracking any triggers can help you recognize the problem and learn ways to better cope with it.

Challenge: Take a mental break in the middle of your day to go outside and journal how you are feeling, even if you have no thoughts, document it. Track your progress and see how life-changing this simple task can be.

 Confide With Your Inner Circle

This goes back to strengthening your sense of community but relates more to your inner circle. These are people that you are most comfortable with in regards to sharing personal information, stories, and opinions. Start conversations that fulfill you. This could be relating to others on how the quarantine has you feeling lonely, or having insightful talks that inform you of current events. Whatever the topic of conversation may be, interacting with others can boost your mood.

Challenge: Open up to your inner circle the next time you feel anxious, frustrated, sad, or any negative emotion. Being honest and transparent can alleviate a lot of built-up emotions.

If you accept the challenge to a positive attitude, let us know on social media (@eWomenNetwork) and pass it on.

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