7 Office Accessories That Will Enhance Your Aesthetic AND Productivity

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time for blooming! And while Miley Cyrus has been telling us for weeks now that we can buy our own flowers, it takes more than flowers to have a beautiful and productive office set up. Here are some of our favorite items to make your workplace gorgeous and optimized!

Desk Lamps

It may sound like a simple suggestion, but not only does lighting help us see, lighting really does change the way we feel about the space we’re in. So much so, that some wedding planners are suggesting clients forgo large flower displays in lieu of professional lighting! If people are planning weddings without flowers in favor of lighting, it may be time to give your workspace an ambiance upgrade.

Laptop Extenders

When the world shut down in early 2020, so many of us missed our dual monitors! And while some people have the luxury of duplicating their office set up at home, what about when you’re on the go? So many times, a single laptop screen just isn’t enough for busy entrepreneurial to-do lists! That’s why a few companies have now released Laptop extenders, turning your laptop into two, even three screens anywhere on demand!

A Cozy Blanket

For the entrepreneur that can’t control the weather (so you know, all of us), a cozy blanket is a great addition to any office either at home or outside of it. We’re more productive when we’re comfortable, so let’s bundle up. Plus, as an added bonus, lightly weighted blankets are said to reduce anxiety.

A Quality Microphone

Whether it be a simple zoom call, a YouTube video, or a full-on interview, there’s always a good reason to invest in an outstanding external microphone. We recommend this one here from Dell. Not only does it have great specs, the sleek design is sure to upgrade your look on camera.


Not only do crystals add visual flair to a space, they also carry a vibrational frequency that’s been known to help clear mental and emotional blocks. Crystals like Citrine and Pyrite are even said to attract wealth and abundance.

Cocktail Shaker Set

Having a cocktail set-up shouldn’t be reserved for the Don Drapers of the world. When you want to celebrate your wins (big or small), it’s nice to kick back with a craft cocktail. We recommend this Lifted Spirits Prismatic High Ball Glass + Craft Cocktail Shaker Set by Stanley 1913. When you’re sipping on your favorite 21 Seeds cocktail, Stanley will keep it chilled for you.

Scented Candles 

They’re beautiful to look at and a delight to smell, but did you know that scent has the power to improve mood? If you’re in a good mood, it’s a lot easier to produce your best work. And best of all, when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in charge, so pick whatever scent makes you happy! 


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