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Be afraid. Be very afraid. When clients are going for their big dream, they will often ask me, “When does the fear go away?” My answer is, “When you stop dreaming and start settling.”


Dream BIG

See, there is this Life Force that is flowing through you always inviting you into a greater discovery and realization of who you really are. Your dream is life’s gift to you as the way to wake you up to even more of your magnificence.

As you answer the call for something greater, it means that you make a decision to go beyond anything you have ever imagined for yourself to date.

That means you are going for something you don’t necessarily know how to do in this moment, nor do you have any proof or reassurance that it is going to work. (If you do know how to do it, you dream is not big enough.)

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Be Scared to Death

Anytime we embark on something beyond our current knowing or capabilities that seems risky, we are going to have a level of fear. Unfortunately, it is this fear that stops most people in their tracks or causes them to water down what they really want. Most people go after what they think they can accomplish in order to manage the fear. This is one way of doing it, but it doesn't get you what you really want.

You actually want a dream that excites you and scares you to death all at the same time. You want a dream that absolutely lights you up and is something you couldn’t imagine not having in your life.

Celebrate Your Fear

The process of your dream is not for the getting, it is for the growing and the giving. So the fact that you are afraid means that you are on the edge of something so much more dynamic for you. That fear is an indication of your willingness to dream big. So, rather than bemoan the fear, celebrate the fear. It means that you are dreaming big and bold and seeing something so much more alive in the making for yourself.

Be Louder Than Your Fear

So, how do you handle the fear when it does rear up so it won’t be the thing that stops you?

  • First of all, acknowledge you and your courage for considering something bigger than anything you ever have before.

  • Then, sequester the fear. You do this by recognizing that just a part of you, not all of you, is afraid. This is important because you will have a tendency to let the fear define who you are. It is not who you are. It is just a small part of you that has a really loud voice. 

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Remarkable YOU

The real you is this remarkable being who is creative, innovative, powerful and is connected to a Source that knows all things. The very fact that you have this dream is evidence that you have everything within you to bring it into the facts of your life. You may not know exactly how to do that in this moment, but when you realize that your dream is the way that Life grows you, you grow in your ability to trust that the Universe is literally conspiring for your success. As you dedicate yourself to your dream, even in the face of fear, you dedicate yourself to building a partnership and a deeper companionship with your brilliance and this Life Force. Know that this Life Force is with you every step of the way, guiding you, supporting you, resourcing you and loving you. 

Welcome Your Fear

So, as you discover a dream that takes your breath away, welcome the fear as the indicator that you are on the edge of something magnificent. When fear talks, simply stare it down and acknowledge that it is just a part of you, not all of you. Turn your attention to what you know is true about you and make this awareness be the loudest voice in your head. Then ground this whole process by asking what your next step is to be. Take that step and celebrate yourself for your courage, your commitment and your boldness as you watch your dream life unfold before your very eyes, and you grow into this even more remarkable being that you are created to be.

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Author, Felicia Searcy

Felicia Searcy is passionate about your dream! She proves this by her long and successful career of helping people just like you live their dream life. As an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister, Felicia has helped 1,000’s create the lives of their dreams! For close to 20 years, Felicia has worked with professionals, entrepreneurs and folks just like you who are seeking the spiritual side of success helping them accelerate their results as they create richer, more fulfilling lives. Before becoming an award winning transformational life coach, Felicia excelled as a teacher from preschool to college students. Some of her best lessons came from those children and she continues to draw on that experience in her work as a life coach and presenter today. She served as senior minister at Unity Church of Life in Murfreesboro, TN, a spiritual community she started from scratch back in 1996 as a study group in her home. Over time and with much dedication and partnering with others, she grew it into a full-service church that she had the honor to serve for 15 years.

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