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Survey Says...

Are your employees unhappy with their job or career? If they are, they are not alone. In a 2013 Gallup poll, 70% of Americans surveyed said that they either hated their job or felt disengaged. So, 70% of us go to work every day, disliking our jobs…WOW! That is both sad and disturbing. To make matters worse, the survey goes on to say that of the 150,000 people surveyed many shared that, “they had the boss from hell who ignored talent and didn’t cultivate growth.”

How do you think those numbers came to be, and how do you think they are reflected in your organization? Chances are, they are! Many executives are surprised when they uncover the truth.

So if these statistics are true, then what are we doing within our corporate cultures to create this truth? For just one moment think of how you and your team speak to each other. Is it respectful or disparaging communication? Be honest. Ask yourself, "Is it negative and punitive? If so, why?"

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Top Down - Bottom Results

The culture starts at the top and works it’s way down the chain of command. Is the culture you have created the one you desired on your way up the ladder? Look in the mirror and examine if your organization falls within the statistics of the Gallup poll.

Reality Check

Here is the reality - if your employees are unhappy, the cost for health care, time off for sick days, down time complaining about the workload and the contagious negativity, all increase and cause lower productivity across the board. By implementing a strong, positive, communicative corporate culture you can turn all your numbers around and provide real revenue, and market share growth for your company.

If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself.”    ~ Tony Hsieh, CEO of 

Time & Money

Here’s one last thought to think about. How much time and money is wasted in meetings that go nowhere? Unfortunately, most company meetings are structured in a way that allow a handful of “outspoken individuals” to be heard while the majority of employees’ voices and solutions go unheard. Many employees who want to contribute become frustrated, showing up and giving less and less every day. If you are like most other companies you are most likely sitting on a “gold mine” of talent.

Have you ever wondered what’s it’s like to have a healthy, thriving corporate culture that is filled with people who love coming to work? What would that do to your bottom line results and health care costs? Is it worth seeking remedies to create a more thriving culture?

What if you could learn how to crack open the untapped talent in your organization?

Wisdom Tip

The easiest way to change everything and Crack the Code to Your Teams Hidden Talent is to start with a Target Action Plan (TAP)™ (an in depth 360-degree feedback process). Have all employees anonymously answer a series of qualified questions to rank how they feel about their department’s processes, employee’s retention and cooperation with other departments within the organization. A myriad of other factors should be addressed to quantitatively measure the strength of each department, employee and leaders within those departments as well as internal communication across and within the larger corporate structure. Once this in-depth evaluation is completed, do something proactive to remedy the gaps that become evident throughout the (TAP)™ process.

When you ask people for feedback, you must provide real results of that feedback in a timely manner. Be proactive! Do things like creating a committee, which involves all employee levels within the organization to address the changes needed to fortify your culture. Create a project plan, including:

  • What are the timelines?

  • Who will be accountable?

  • How will the process be implemented?

  • How will the plan be measured?

Remember, if they own it, they will move on it. Share updates with all personnel, so they feel part of the change that your organization is trying to create. You need to operate using improved communication skills between all employees within the company. That means from top down, bottom up, and side-to-side. It takes a dynamic and committed team of leaders to turn the tide and improve bottom line results. Do you have the corporate culture you desire?

Your Mission Possible

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to unlock your team's hidden talents by igniting each employees creativity, and commitment, using a proven methodology that allows all employees voices to be heard and for the best ideas to rise to the top in 6 weeks or less.

Click here to access your free Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ to unlock and understand your communication superpowers, as well as your communication blind spots. Be heard and understood every time you speak. Leading your team to success and moving the needle towards a healthy and productive corporate culture is easier than you think.

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Author, Connie Whitman

Connie Whitman is the CEO of Wisdom De-Coded. She's an expert in generating sales, building strong client relationships while improving client retention, executive coaching, training and business development. With more than 33 years’ experience Connie hosts a radio show, is an international speaker and the CEO of Whitman & Associates, LLC. She helps businesses grow their sales and revenue streams by optimizing internal and external communication skills while developing strong relationship oriented sales cultures.

Connie is a member of the Central New Jersey Chapter of eWomenNetwork

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