The brain is a beautiful thing. It comes up with all types of ideas, big and small, brilliant, and innovative. Sometimes the ideas we think of surface into our reality when we make an effort to achieve it. Other times it simply ends in the mind. For entrepreneurs, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the thinking and forget about it before we even start the doing.

The transformation of a thought into action doesn’t just help make your dreams come true. It also helps train the brain to do it again and again. This is called a feedback loop that pushes us to further other creative ideas. If you’re struggling with turning your ideas into action, here’s a process you can follow to train your brain to think otherwise and make things happen!

1. Understand What You Want

One of the initial ways to focus your creative energies is to understand what the problem is and how you’re going to go about fixing it.

Try to write these things down like you’re mapping out a blueprint, you can also call this a creative brainstorm. Are you trying to achieve something physical? Is it a feeling? An action you want others to take? Whatever it is, making notes by putting your pen to paper can really help. You don’t have to think too objectively here, your goals can be as abstract as you’d like.

The next best thing to do: manifest. Imagine yourself achieving this goal and how it feels once you do so. Let all of that settle into your body. Manifesting is all about understanding the fact that what you put your energy into is what you will get out of the universe. It’s actually a great first step towards reaching your goal.

2. Set Up A Plan

Now it’s time to strategize. Figure out the steps you need to take in order to achieve the goal you set forth. Get a little crazy with it and have fun. This is a creative process. Think of which paths aren’t obvious. It’s okay to have some missing pieces, just consider what would happen if you filled it in with possible outcomes. You’ll adjust as needed later on.

You might start to realize that you lack certain skills, expertise, or capabilities along the way. Don’t worry - think about who you can reach out to for help or what resources are out there that can be of aid. Don’t get caught up on the feeling of hitting a dead-end. Anytime you start to feel this way, take a break. This isn’t a process that should feel rushed, so take your time and if all else fails, go back to the last step and remember why you started.

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3. Build a Model

It’s time to put your ideas into a little bit of action. This isn’t the final outcome and it doesn’t have to be good either. Everything is worth the try. Do your best to get through this step without help. Since it’s your idea, you need proof that it’s possible before investing too much time or money into it. Again, don’t drive for perfection here, just make sure your model shows where you’re going.

4. Gain More Perspective

Allow other people to take a look at your model. This could be your inner circle, target audience, or family members. Let them test and analyze your model. Ask for honest feedback. You’ll often discover potential setbacks during this process that will allow you to make necessary adjustments.

It’s important to not take criticism personally. Don’t let it bring you down or hinder your path to success. Sometimes starting from square one really means elevating and getting innovative in order to find out what works. This most likely leads to better outcomes.

5. Refine the Details

Get into the nitty-gritty details. Work towards moving forward from your first draft closer to the final edit. Beauty lies within the simplicity of it all. So, go back to your written goals and stay focused on that. Now is not the time to try and achieve additional big or ambitious goals. It’s time to hone in on what you’ve been working on from step one.

This is also the time to bring in help wherever needed. Just be sure to bring on people you trust and who share your passion. They should provide in ways that you can’t. Remember that your team will treat the project the same way you do. If you take your work seriously, your team will too. Don’t be discouraged if they aren’t as excited about something as you are. This is your idea and if they’re putting in solid work, that’s what really matters. 

Achieve Your Goal

Now that you’ve refined your drafts and models, it’s time to put your ideas out there into the world. Come up with a plan of how you’re going to release it. Think of this part as your marketing plan. How will you build anticipation? What channels will you do this through (social media, Google ads, newsletters)? 

Solidify your rollout strategy and then execute it. Getting your creative ideas out into the world is proof of your creativity. Set your ideas free and see how they change as more people get involved, whether they be customers, team members, or speculators. Once you see the success of this, you’re likely to do more of it.

Believe in yourself and just take the risk. The reward waiting on the other side is greater than you can imagine.

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